Sunday, February 1, 2009

(Traditionalism) TAC Anglicans to join Catholic church?

(Insider Confessions Analysis)

Article by Marc Aupiais

In objection to "Homosexual" priests and bishops being accepted, and women priests, and such things: the "Traditional Anglican Communion", seeking to keep with biblical traditions, since 2007: has been on the books: as possible converts to the Catholic faith. Opus Dei, is currently the only personal prelature in the Catholic church. Chances are: the SSPX, will also become one if negotiations succeed, traditional Anglicans, a large grouping of the Anglican church, are muted, to possibly get this status: they have already asked to become catholics: it is up to the church, the ball in the Vatican's court: on how or if this is to occur.

The Catholic Church in England: has consistently undermined Vatican Authority in the past, and has declined significantly in recent times. If this Anglican grouping can enter the church: it would be a great blow to those bishops apposing the Vatican, and to the Anglican communion's liberalist enforcement globally.

Many authentic sources: have seen, since the 30th, and perhaps before or after: a possible reunification between many Anglicans, and (what Butler calls) the Ancient Religion, on the cards.

Benedict XVI, has been famous in certain circles for years: for his "Ecumenical" abilities: and ecumenism: is aimed at reuniting the Ancient Religion, with offshoots, and creating and forming better relations between groupings. Even his controversial statements on Islam, have, in the long run: caused the two global religion groupings to come nearer to one another: closer, via diologue: because: both sides then began to speak more fully. The Church, and many Islamics: have been speaking since, especially scholars: in a vibrant manner.

Benedict XVI, may be more important; historically, than John XXIII: whose reforms, were useful, but often misunderstood. The misunderstanding of these reforms, and the influence of secularists on the Catholic church: with secularist values: has caused a marked decline in vocations: and fear and worries throughout the communion.

The Introduction of the Traditionalist Anglicans, and the Catholic Traditionalist Schism of SSPX, an order of priests: back into the Catholic church: may be partly aimed towards creating the warmth, and diversity, and orthodoxy, and clarification in the church, which John XXIII originally must have intended in introducing the Church to the modern age via Vatican II. Certainly, it is better that we re-entered the age: on the terms of Vatican II, than as many other communities do now: attempting to navigate the tides of secularist movements, throughout the world.

A source, believed we should hear whether or not the Anglicans will re-enter the church: by around easter.

This, Anglican move, as with the long term effects of the SSPX ecumenism, could create rapids around the would, and not simply ripples. This is a great symbol: it is the rejection of almost secularist policies emerging in the Anglican hierarchy, which may use the bible to justify policies, but which are based in the culture surrounding them, and not in the time, and mentality of the early Church Fathers, as history records their beliefs on issues of morals and doctrine. Modern Anglican moves, have also been contrary to their historic views, with bishops taking views, which once would have been called heresy by Anglicans.

Reunification, gradual, and intelligent reunification, with both groups: could certainly create a dynamism: which could rescue the church herself more fully from the whirlpool, of secularist influences: who so powerfully assault the church from all sides, and even from those who have crept into her hierarchy: these are all things that Benedict XVI will likely consider, as well as any dangers brought into the church with the million (+- 1 000 000), with a large percentage of priests among them, strong SSPX following, and four hundred thousand (+- 4 00 000) strong TAC following. He is likely to review each case separately, as he determines what to do about each grouping.

The hope might be: in order to restart the powerful heartbeat, the dynamism: which used to bring so many priests, and nuns into the hierarchy.

In coming days: both groups could be incorporated into the Divine structure, and become truly Catholic.

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