Monday, January 26, 2009

Analysing Archbishop Buti Tlhagale's "genocide" accusations against the SADC (in Which the South African Government is implicated)

(Insider Confessions Analysis)

Article by Marc Aupiais

Disclaimer: The following analysis: is not an endorsement of the views of the Bishops' Conference, nor of Archbishop Buti. It is simply aimed at looking into possible effects of the Archbishop's claims, accusations, and statements. While, it is based on a viewpoint, and history, we do not guarantee that we are correct or accurate: Rely on this analysis, at your own risk.

Buti Tlhagale OMI, President of the Southern African Catholic Bishops Conference (SACBC), who is Archbishop of Johannesburg, also: in Pretoria (South Africa), recently claimed that the Southern African Development Community (SADC); of which South Africa, is an important member: either would or could be guilty of a passive Genocide: via the statement:

"SADC must stop supporting and giving credibility to the illegitimate Mugabe regime with immediate effect. Failing this, SADC Leaders accept complicity in creating the conditions that have resulted in starvation, displacement, disease and death for ordinary Zimbabweans. This is nothing short of passive genocide."
(South African Catholic 26 / Jan / 2009)

He considers the Mugabe government illegitimate, and sees the SADC (A regional body of governments), as giving it what he sees as false legitimacy.

The Statements: likely are aimed at creating opposition to the ruling ANC (African National Congress), in South Africa: before elections: so as to either: cause them to seriously consider acting on Zimbabwe, or else: to get more power to those who could. Archbishop Buti, has consistently lambasted ANC leadership of late, and has been angry with the church: for allowing the media to take her role as moral watchdog of society. The Archbishop of Johannesburg, has been much louder than South Africa's Resident Cardinal: "Napier", of the Archdiocese of Durban.

The ANC, forced through the legalization of abortion, and "Gay Marriage", despite massive opposition to both of these in South Africa (9 out of ten (90 %), and 4 out of five (80%), seem to appose, or view as wrong: these respectively)

As the ANC, is the only major key source of power: on whether Mugabe stands down currently, the statements: likely are not aimed at regional governments, but at the key regional player: South Africa. Those in Zimbabwe, also: already know of this situation locally.

The ANC controlled South African Government: which Buti, fears may not be accountable to the people (22 / Jan / 2009 ), has prevented international action against Zimbabwe, for about 8 years now. Whether or not related, a local Catholic broadcaster: was kicked off government airwaves; shortly after statements the Archbishop has made about ANC figures, and certain public matters.

Any influence of regional governments; may be aimed at pressuring South Africa, or else: at protecting the claims of Botswana, who appose Mugabe.

His statements, will likely not only tell churchgoers, that he is in touch with their lives, but these also: should win the church allies among those supporting human rights. According to South African Television Station (Secular; Independent) E TV, when looking at election results, and the follow up: at the time of the recent "Elections" in Zimbabwe: the MDC (Movement For Democratic Change) president: Morgan Tsvangirai: constitutionally (Legally, by election rules), is the true president of Zimbabwe, even without an additional election.

Mugabe, and the MDC, had scheduled for today, and attended: a meeting in South Africa, likely in Pretoria: in which they met with SADC. Public opinion, slants largely towards SADC, somehow taking the ZANU PF (Mugabe) side of things, or that the government in preventing peace efforts, which are not desired by mugabe: is not making the correct decision, if BBC World (Television) News reports (today) are to be believed.

The politically aware Archbishop of Johannesburg, certainly is not out of touch with his counterparts in Zimbabwe. The situation on the ground is desperate.

If he is quoting international law: then the document to quote may be:

"In the present Convention, genocide means any of the following acts committed with intent to destroy, in whole or in part, a national, ethnical, racial or religious group, as such:

(a) Killing members of the group;

(b) Causing serious bodily or mental harm to members of the group;

(c) Deliberately inflicting on the group conditions of life calculated to bring about its physical destruction in whole or in part;

(d) Imposing measures intended to prevent births within the group;

(e) Forcibly transferring children of the group to another group."
(UN on Genocide 12 / Jan / 1951)


Or another section of the applicable document. The problem here: is proving genocide, whereby: it seems: that the archbishop: may be more grounded in International Humanitarian Law, than in the Genocide declaration. Either way: he does call attention to something occurring, something: that if done with the results, as the intention: is certainly a "genocide" of sorts, at least: materially, but intention is the thing about genocide. As it is: what is happening in Zimbabwe, is a dire humanitarian situation, and whether or not a "Passive Genocide", is as important as one. Much of this is avoidable, and with political leadership, and clear actions: he clearly seemingly thinks: could have been avoided more powerfully.

Otherwise: the fact that these deaths are occurring(At least 3 000 (Three thousand) now), could be what he is pointing to: South Africa, in his opinion, if we interpret the release correctly: continues to stand by as Zimbabweans die in droves. The bishop could be saying that South Africa either is, or could become responsible for these deaths: if they do nothing.

Whatever he is saying, it is the second statement he has released: which has attacked government policy: in 4 days, in his 22 January address this year: to the Southern African catholic Bishops' Conference, (i think) in Cape Town: he said:

"South Africa has failed dismally as a mediator in trying to broker peace and a government of National Unity in Zimbabwe. President Mugabe ought to be persuaded to retire. He has done his country incalculable harm. SADC (Southern African Development Community) too has failed to offer a strong leadership in the resolution of the Zimbabwean disaster – it is no longer just a crisis. We call for fresh elections without Mugabe."

(South African Catholic 22 / Jan / 2009)

About 6 % of South Africans, in about 2005: claimed to be Catholic: about 10 % of the Johannesburg population, also: even though the Archdiocese: says that only 10% of these 10% in the Archdiocese of Johannesburg go to mass regularly.

The voice of the Bishops' Conference: is one of moral standing, as South Africa is highly religious: these statements could well be read in church this Sunday: previously, priests; have noted the words of this Archbishop.

This is the second time in four days: that the Bishop's conference president; has called for a Zimbabwe government without Mugabe:

"We call for fresh elections without Mugabe."
(South African Catholic 22 / Jan / 2009)

"We, the Catholic Bishops of Southern Africa, call on Mugabe to step down immediately. We call for the formation of a coalition interim government of National Recovery and the preparation for internationally supervised and credible presidential elections as soon as possible."
(South African Catholic 26 / Jan / 2009)

As to calls for Mugabe to stand down: maybe it is slightly aimed at those inside Zimbabwe, or an attempt to pressure Mugabe: as it is: The Bishops Conference: seems to be calling for Mugabe to be made to not be in the picture. Their claims against the SADC region, and indirectly against the "Republic Of South Africa": Government have certainly made radio news.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Internal squabbles, and the Independent Catholic Press

(Insider Confessions Analysis)

Article by Marc Aupiais

Some time ago, we covered that the locally parish shelf best selling: Southern Cross; was supporting abortion arguments, and abortion supporting politicians. The Local South African church: had no problem responding to us, but still: no intention to reign the Southern Cross in, even as the Newspaper, is widely seen as a voice representing them, and even as it is sold in parishes, and advertised by Priests, and Catholic media.

In a separate story of sorts, that we haven't published: franchises are often odd: they do things not good for business for uniformity. The catholic church is not a business: it is more like a government, and in that category, is efficient.

The problem they face with journalists; lies in freedom of independence. How to allow journalistic integrity; without killing mortal souls.

The South African Answer: seems to be to write letters, and discuss things with editors; but not to crack down on pro-abortion arguers.

Connections between the Southern Cross and the Bishops need not be discussed, however, an expose we requested by an American News firm: Trinity Communications, does not seem to have gone down well. The Bishops have seemingly not taken any penal action on the pro-abortion arguments, nor any action on the slating of a Vatican decision, by the Southern Cross editor.

Freedom of the press, and independence of the press, however: should not be absolute; as Scripturelink News: we try to give accuracy, perspectives; and a human rights focus.

Because many abortion efforts; fall into the direct definition of article 2 section d: of the UN declaration on Genocide: we consider abortion to be a complete human rights issue: even beyond our Catholic belief that the child is alive: a belief verified in science.

The issues, where Catholic press should be forced to comply are: human rights; Canon Law, and issues pertaining to accuracy, truth: and life and death, and dogma.

These are issues, which are important: however; for whatever political, or other reason: these have not been issues which are enforced. Archbishop Buthi's statements: that it is the media in South Africa: not the churches; who have been the watchdog of society, and government: seem quite compelling now.

Indiscriminately using services simply because they are sold in parishes, or listed on Hierarchy websites, is as irresponsible as buying products that sports stars endorse. One must truly investigate what they read: and it is up to the Catholic, in our post modern world, where our post is often late; to discern for themselves; what seems to best fit the Gospel: they have the guidance of the papacy in this: a papacy, which publishes the views of the Vatican quite regularly; and the customization of the Scripturelink search engine; means that diverse views may be researched, to make up one's mind.

To be Lazy in choosing world view, and icons of celebrity, and film: is a dangerous position for any person. The day; when one must look at information, and make up their own mind: with a Catholic defined, and constitutioned framework: the day when we must research before we speak: has arrived, as after the modern age, came the post modern age; when demographics no longer insured world view. After the Post-modern age; come the age we define; but we must put away our single source perspectives, and trust in what is written: and go beyond; researching what is good and true, and not neglecting the intuition, and the facts.

Even I have been prone to mistakes, and yet; now, I crawl, where I once slithered, and perhaps one day: I shall fly.

As Media, and source: it is our job to pursue the truth, as a watchdog. Let us not revoke our role.


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